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Platform which enables brands to use location as a part of their digital strategy in marketing and fulfilment. Latlong Aanaya allows brands to truly ‘digitise’ their processes to improve speed of response to their consumers.



An Analytics engine which delivers business insights, using location data as analysis pivot. Latlong Aaloka brings 3 key components together: customer data, proprietary geo platform and external data engine, in order to achieve the objective.



Anuga enables companies to route and track resources. Companies can use Anuga for minimum-touch on-boarding of end customers and for optimising routes of field staff.  Anuga has also been deployed for verification of marketing activation.


Use Cases

Structured approach to hyperlocal growth

Impact of Covid on hyperlocal food delivery business has been enormous. Latlong Aaloka provided a structured approach to identify hyperlocal zones for growth and monitor actions taken.

Enhanced traceability on marketing spends

Amidst the downturn in the auto industry marketing spends had to be optimized. Latlong Anuga enhanced traceability in OOH and new product launch spends.

Balancing provider network growth

Having a strong ‘cashless’ network of providers is critical for the success of a health insurance company. Latlong Aaloka geo-coded all addresses and identify strong and weak areas of coverage.

Look Enhancing customer engagement in digital channels

For a consumer durables enterprise, digital channels are critical to generate leads for outlets.  Latlong Aanaya service enabled accurate and up-to-date management of outlet data on the company’s website and on Google My Business.

Rapid response through multi - channel automation

Generating and responding to leads across multiple marketing channels defines success of marketing team in consumer-focused enterprise. Latlong Aanaya implementation increased throughput of leads and conversion of leads.

Improved productivity of field personnel

For a bank with large field personnel involved in enrollment of Point of Sale merchants, monitoring field personnel is critical.  Latlong Anuga enabled tracking and reporting on field activities, leading to increased productivity.



Thanks to the sheer quantum of data available with Latlong we were able to narrow down on socio economic parameters which matter.  Basis such targets such geographies got the relevant investment so that we would maximize their potential.
The true impact of the relationship came thru during the Covid 19 lockdown. Our consumer base (underbanked, SEC B2C1, C2) was often left marooned with little access to financial services. Here Bhatta, Rahul and the team quickly turned around an elegant locator solution which help connect this demand to supply. And what really makes the relationship work is the partnership approach of the team the frequency of value adding inputs and rapid deployment.

-Anand Bhatia, CMO, Fino Bank


As a hyperlocal customer-facing company, it is imperative for our central as well as local (city/ area level) planning and execution teams to have meaningful and timely insights that are easy to understand and easy to act upon. Latlong's geospatial intelligence combined with their ability and willingness to customise the offering to our unique needs is the key reason we choose to continue to be partners.

-Vivek Sunder, COO, Swiggy

At TVS Motors we value long standing partners and LATLONG is one such. It is good to have a responsive partner but outstanding to have a proactive partner who agonizes on challenges and builds solutions. Our Pre-purchase customer experience journey has benefited and we are constantly working to improve the overall  marketing efficiency, through leveraging many of LATLONG’s solutions.

-Aniruddha Haldar, CMO, TVS Motor


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