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Unlock Opportunities with Location Intelligence

Use location data to reach customers based on specific qualifiers


Latlong : Strategize Globally, Act Locally

Latlong brings geo-data into play to help marketing teams with analysis, actionable insights and powerful customer data.

API Suite

Easy access API endpoints that serve data on location-based services

  • Built for efficiency

  • Intelligently designed for marketers

  • Conveniently adaptable

  • Ready for installation

Asset 7_300x.png

A robust analytics engine that delivers business insights, using location data as the analysis pivot

  • No code analytics

  • Respond to changing markets

  • Identify profitable customer clusters

  • Zero down on most yielding geographies

  • Improve efficiency of marketing

Use Cases

Marketing Strategy & Resource Planning

Dramatically improve marketing decisions by combining location-data with customer demographics and see powerful results.

Location-based Marketing Insights

Gain insight into the what influences customer behaviour to design high-impact and effective geo-targeted marketing campaigns.

Sales & Distribution

Strategically use location intelligence to streamline distribution, contains costs and establish highly efficient service levels.

Data-driven Penetration

Easily collate and cut through huge volumes of marketing data and reach actionable insights faster to get the job done.

Customer Acquisition & Onboarding

Find out where your customers are, where they shop and how they make purchase decisions. Find cohorts and target them with personalized marketing resources to incentivise them into your store and away from competition.

Lead Management and Conversion

Amp up lead generation efforts by capturing dynamic location data about customers, and the analytics needed to make sense of it.

Success Stories

success-story (1).jpg

Leading global manufacturer of personal computers achieves 4X lead conversion

success-story (2).jpg

One of the largest auto companies engages 60% dealer-picked leads in real-time

success-story (3).jpg

Payments bank enjoys 3X improvement in network penetration in just two years

success-story (5).jpg

One of India’s leading food delivery platforms achieves dramatic increase in market penetration

What Our Customers Say


Our Pre-purchase customer experience journey has benefited and we are constantly working to improve the overall  marketing efficiency, by leveraging many of Latlong’s solutions.

Aniruddha Haldar, CMO, TVS Motor


Ready to explore how Latlong can maximize your reach?

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