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Unique Geospatial Analytics Platform

Location Intelligence for Powerful Marketing

Marketers need location intelligence and the insights it offers to reach customers and run high-performance marketing campaigns. 


Latlong’s Aaloka is a one-of-a-kind analytics engine that extracts location-based data to give brands a competitive advantage in a crowded and fast-moving marketplace. It offers insights into what drives customer behaviour to create more targeted and effective geo-targeted marketing campaigns.


Aaloka brings together customer data, a proprietary geo platform, a comprehensive API suite, and an external data engine to get extraordinary results from marketing campaigns.

  • Respond to changing markets

  • Identify profitable customer clusters

  • Zero down on yielding geographies

  • Improve marketing efficiency

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Got 5 minutes to see what Aaloka can do for you?

Product Features

Platform capabilities 

  • Analyzes customer data at scale

  • Pre-built use cases for industry verticals

  • Algorithms for unique features

  • 40+ data layers curated and available

  • 20+ APIs

  • Modular Architecture

  • Ease of deployment and self service for smaller enterprises

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Analytics and customer advocacy 

  • Analysis support for customers

  • Customer cohorts on multiple attributes  

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Built on Latlong’s proprietary maps 

  • Rapid development of new analytics use-cases without API constraints of map vendors

  • Enables geocoding/ reverse geocoding

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API Suite

  • Entire range of API endpoints supplying vital information on location-based services 

  • Auto-Complete API

  • Landmark API

  • Driving Distance/ Driving Direction API

  • Distance Matrix API

  • GeoCode/ Reverse Geocode API

  • Geovalidation API

  • Pincode API

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Aaloka can be used to

Got 5 minutes to see what Aaloka can do for you?

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