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3X Improvement in Network Penetration

A leading payments bank in India wanted to better manage its rapidly growing merchant network and use geo-data to identify micro needs.


A leading payments bank with a widespread merchant network in India.


The payments bank has a massive force of several thousand field sales personnel to help grow its business and onboard merchants. But they were unable to track the time spent by the field personnel, especially as there were no records of a physical visit to a location or the number of locations visited.

Moreover, their merchant presence was growing rapidly, but this growth was restricted to only a few states in India. The bank wanted to identify and target granular customer segments based on demographic data and build its portfolio to serve multiple requirements. For instance, the bank wanted to use ATM data to pinpoint micro ATMs needs. The bank also wanted to help its sales personnel be more effective by dynamically matching customer needs with the nearest available field staff.

Latlong’s Solution:

Latlong implemented a real-time tracker for the entire field workforce which included daily tracking reports across geographies and the flexibility to switch off the tracking during leaves, holidays, and non-working hours. With real-time insights, the bank was able to increase field staff productivity and directly link incentives to their output.

Latlong enabled structured network growth along with target-setting in states where the merchant network was bigger than the ATMs of all banks put together. We used our proprietary analytics tool, Aaloka, to benchmark current market penetration and identify growth opportunities. The bank could automatically assign more than 20,000 inquiries a month to the nearest merchant for onboarding. As a result, even during the COVID-19 lockdown, the bank served more than 1000 customers a day in remote areas.

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