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New Heights of Success with Hyperlocal Delivery

A leading food delivery platforms wanted to increase customer penetration, by identifying specific city neighborhoods for growth.


One of India’s leading food delivery platforms.


The food delivery platform had been successful in onboarding several restaurants onto its delivery platform. As the next step, it wanted to target newer customers improve its customer penetration and run highly targeted marketing activities in hyperlocal geographies. Their objective was to create and dominate newer markets and increase revenue share by offering much-needed food delivery services in small geographic areas.

Latlong’s Solution:

Latlong understands the ongoing seismic shift in consumer preferences towards real-time geolocation tracking and the importance of location data for more relevant, accurate targeting.

Based on location intelligence, we helped the client identify and target the most viable and potentially profitable areas and demographic profiles. Latlong was abel to help customer identify newer markets and provide size of those markets for ease of building business case to open these markets. Latlong developed a structured network and market entry strategy for these new markets. The client was also able to identify different demands for new supply points and increase its customer base. Key features of our unique approach included territory stratification insights, GMV and OPD insights in hyperlocal areas, export and import insights in hyperlocal areas, traffic analysis for marketing intervention, individual restaurant and restaurant-chain catchment Insights, and coverage and penetration insights.

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