• rahul173

Facebook Store Locator

A way to connect social audience with brands!

As every brand or retailer nowadays present on Facebook, they are running every kind of campaigns to reach audience connected on their official Facebook page, the idea is to provide all kind of information to the audience, where they are comfortable and spending there quality time.

With latlong Facebook locator, we are going a step ahead and providing brand details, along with their presence across states on there favorite social network ( i.e. Facebook) This will give them details, like store address shown over the map, store pictures , offers in the stores etc. This is something, brand can integrate in there official Facebook pages either they are running one brand or multiple.

This feature will help brands, who has strong digital presence:

  1. One stop platform for every relevant information about brand

  2. Connect stores with online and offline details

  3. Connect social audience with offline world.

As next steps, we are planning to provide the same features to other social platforms, so that brands can showcase stores everywhere.

Stay tuned for more new product updates from Latlong. Feel free to update us with your views.